As our most versatile model, the EZ Box 872D has the ability to setup in under 30 seconds as well as slot and score up to 250 boxes per hour with unlimited design and size variations including inches, cm, or mm. The intuitive operator interface makes it easy to control even with minimal experience. The EZ Box 872D is powerful in both design and performance. The optional feature of E8 drive offers touchscreen controls, servo drives, and all-electric operation.

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Specifications - 872D

Machine Size: height – 5’/1.5m; width – 11’/3.3m; front to back – 5’/1.5m

Machine Weight: 1400 lbs/635 kg (1600 lbs/726 kg shipping)

Knives (for slot size): length - 21”/535mm; width – 3/8”/9.5mm (additional widths available upon request)

RSC Box Size: min – 2x2x2”/51mm max– 42”/1065mm wide; 46”/1170mm depth

Box Styles: over 120 FEFCO box style (common style pre-programmed)  

Features - 872D

  •         Setup in under 30 seconds
  •         Slots and scores up to 250 boxes per hour (including box blanks)
  •         Single operator
  •         Easy, intuitive controls
  •         Ability to make a variety of box styles in a wide range of sizes
  •         Optional Features: E8 Drive
  •         Warranty: 1 year on all parts